Call For Papers Media Archeology: Memory, Media and Culture in Digital Age

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Proceedings Media Archeology – Instructions for Authors

1. The paper should not be longer than 1 author sheet, i.e. 30 000 characters (including abstract), written in Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman, font size 12 pt, footnotes in 10 pt, with 1.5 line spacing. The paper should include an abstract in the language of the paper (up to 500 characters), key words in the language of the paper (up to 5 words). In accordance with requests for the proceedings of international conference, it is recommended that papers are written in English. Only few papers with topics covering national issues will be considered to be published in Serbian.

2. The title of the paper is centered, 16pt., bold. Below the title, full name and affiliation of the author should be written, that is, the name of the institution he/she is associated with (employment, project, studies), and place. Present e-mail address of the author should appear as a footnote, followed by a full name. Subtitles are manually numbered, 14pt., left aligned, and underlined. Footnotes are listed at the bottom of the page on which the reference is made.

3. Citing: Referencing the sources within the text is done as follows: (Marjanovic 1995: 156). If referencing the text of an unknown author, instead of giving a surname of the author, the italicized title of the document is given. Reference materials are not given in footnotes. When a quotation is longer than four lines, it is given as a block quote, font size 12pt. Do not use quotation marks, but indent at 1cm from the main body of text, making a 6pt. space above and below the quotation. Short and in-text quotations of no more than 4 lines are put in double inverted commas (“”). Omitted parts of the text and missing material are marked with square brackets […]. In-text author’s comments are given in square brackets. Quotations of more than 400 characters are not recommended.

4. The reference list is formatted in alphabetical or ABC order (depending on the alphabet used) by the first authors` surnames (12pt.). The texts of the same author are ranked according to the year of publication, i.e. (if there is a co-author) according to the surname of the co-author. If several texts of a single author, published in the same year, are cited, abc letters are added to the year (e.g. 1998a, 1998b…) If the text has two authors, both authors should be noted in the order in which they appear in the published article. If there are more than three authors, only the principal one is cited, plus (i sar.), or, if the text is in English (et al.). If  the author is the editor of  the issue, we put (prir.) with his name, or (eds.) if the text is in English. The reference list includes only the works that the author cited or referred to in his article. The reference list includes the following information: author’s surname, author’s first name, year of publication, title of the work, place of publication and publisher. Book title is italicized. For translations and/or reprints, it is preferable to give information on the original publication in brackets, in the above mentioned manner. If the cited text comes from a journal article ― apart from citing author’s surname and first name, and year of publication ― the exact title of the journal, issue number and the first and last page of the article are given. The title of the article is italicized. The same is applied to texts taken from daily newspapers and news magazines, adding (along with the issue, the number of the journal) the publishing date; in case of daily papers, it is permitted to omit the issue number.

5. Papers are reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. Papers which do not meet the requested criteria will not be considered.

The paper should be sent to latest by December 1st, 2015.

Information about the author of the text should include: name and surname, date of birth (required for insight into the scientific work of authors in the central database of the National Library of Serbia and determining UDC number in the magazine), telephone, email, name of the author’s institution – affiliattion (according to the official name and the headquarters of the institution in which the author is employed or the name of the institution where the author conducted a survey).