Call for Papers: Representation of the Holocaust in the Balkans in Arts and Media

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About the Conference

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The conference “Representation of the Holocaust in the Balkans in Arts and Media” will be held the 2nd to 3rd October 2014 at Dom Omladine (Youth Center) venue in Belgrade.

The conference will address the theme of art and media texts dedicated to the Holocaust.

This conference will bring together the researchers and scholars of all disciplines – arts, media and communication, history, philosophy, literary studies etc. to reflect on the issue of representation of such tragic period from the past aiming to maintain the collective memory.

The purpose of the Conference: “Representation of the Holocaust in the Balkans in Arts and Media” is an attempt to map the texts’ corpus and to systematize and recognize their function in the construction of the multi-directional memories of the Balkan past. Also, having an insight into the institution of memories in current media and arts texts in the Balkans is not any less important. Nourishment and affirmation of the culture of the memories, through media and art related texts, are an important step in the preservation of tolerance and stability in the region.

The Holocaust was the mass murder of ethnic groups: Jews, Slavs, Roma etc. during the World War II. Not only by nationality, other groups were persecuted on political, ideological or behavioral differences, such as communists, socialists or homosexuals, namely, toward identities of otherness or differences. Although many times proven, in court procedures, its denial, comparativeness, forgetting and manipulating with the number of victims in public discourse, comes as a danger for the present and for the future.

In the years of World War II, many concentration camps were established throughout the Europe so both political and ideological opponents could be detained and killed. In the Balkans the biggest concentration camps were established in occupied Yugoslavia: Jasenovac, Stara Gradiška, Sajmište (Zemun), Banjica (Belgrade), Crveni krst (Niš), Jadovno (Gospić); in Romania: camps in Transnistria, in Greece: Haidari (Athens), etc.

One of the main aims of the conference is to initiate the international dialogue about its subject in order to raise the awareness about the importance of the Remembrance of the Holocaust as a symbol of suffering (in the region of the Balkans).

Paper proposals

Call for papers is open for university scholars, researchers and students of PhD programs.

Paper proposals (abstracts), may address representation of the Holocaust in any arts or media form in the Balkans that emerged since World War II from different points of view:

  • art theory;
  • film;
  • theatre;
  • media studies;
  • digital media (new media);
  • literature;
  • related domains such as history, anthropology, ethnology and interdisciplinary studies.

We will accept all theoretical contributions with different methods and approaches.

Paper proposals should be in English, maximum 250 words.

Deadline for the submission of paper proposals is 16th June 2014 via email:

We will notify you about the acceptance of your paper proposal by 21st July 2014 via e-mail.

There is no conference fee.

Some of the proposals will be selected for Publication. Free copy of the publication will be provided for participants with selected papers.

The official language of the conference is English.

For any questions please contact:,



For young scholars from the Balkans, Diskurs is offering a number of scholarships to help the academic development. The applicants must be PhD students. Scholarships will cover half-board accommodation during the duration of the Conference; and some partial travel grants.

The applicants should provide (enclosed):

  • short CV
  • statement of purpose (max. 1 page describing the reasons for participating


Important Dates

16th June 2014

21th July 2014

5th September 2014

20th Septemeber 2014

2nd and 3rd October 2014

– Deadline for the submission of paper proposals

– Notification of acceptance of paper proposals

– Confirmation of attendance

– Announcement of the Conference program (Agenda)

– The Conference in Belgrade, Serbia

Plenary speakers

Ms. Nevena Daković, PhD, professor at The Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Belgrade, Serbia)

Ms. Loreta Georgievska, PhD, professor at The Institute for Macedonian Literature (Skopje, Macedonia)

Ms. Gergana Doncheva, PhD, expert for International Affairs at The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences  (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Mr. Nikola Šuica, PHD, professor at The Faculty of Fine Arts (Belgrade, Serbia)

TBC for others


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